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    We're on a mission to achieve the highest ROI for your technological investment.

    Mobile Workforce Solutions

    Mission : Real time, anywhere at anytime
    Our solutions include development and deployment of mobile apps to increase the productivity of the workforce in the enterprise. We focus on factors such as fast performance, easy of use, and high reliability to ensure that our client achieve the maximum return.
    Our expertise include Android and iOS development.

    E-Commerce Solutions

    Mission: Brand awareness through SEO and site optimization
    Search Engine Organic Marketing provides a highly cost effective way for companies to achieve their marketing goals. We help companies in SEO via keyword analysis, site optimisation, web consumer behaviorial analysis. We use tools such as Optimizely, Google Analytics, KISSMetrics and miscellaneous tools to achieve our client’s target. We also assist clients in implementation of e-commerce via tools such as Prestashop and Shopify.

    Web Based Solutions

    Mission: Achieve scalability, ease of use and performance
    Our knowledge in web application development frameworks enable us to create cost effective solutions for our clients in achieving their business process. We have developed applications in billing management, travel booking, payroll processing, and accounting. We focus on applications that can be used in multiple screens such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

    IT Consultancy

    Mission : Reducing IT risk and improve efficiency
    Business process plays a big part in determining the success of a IT project. We are here to assist the client in refining the correct business process so that the IT project can be executed successfully. We understand the cost and availability of different technologies thus enabling us to provide effective feedback to the business process that can be rapidly translated into IT solution.
  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to growth together with our clients.

    PT. Injani Systems

    Professional IT Company
    Established in 2003, Injani Systems has been providing innovative IT services in Indonesia. Our aim is to work with our clients, fully understanding their needs and convey their messages using cost-effective and innovative web-based and mobile solution, paired with years of industry experience.
  • SSET Batam Project

    Develop a mobile billing system to handle all the garbage collection tariffs for the whole city of Batam. We build a cental control system in the backend so that the administration can track the billing routes on all the humn billing collectors.  We also build a blackberry application so that the billing collectors can easily update all the tariffs via real-time.

    Web-based Payroll Solution

    Develop a solution to calculate allof the payroll needs on the web. We leverage a very stable and feature-rich PHP framework to develop the payroll application, focusing on minimal code principles, and we have thus launched the application.

    Blitz Megaplex

    Develop a solution that allows mobile users to order movie tickets and seats with Blitz Megaplex. We develop a fully multithreaded Java based bot to auto reply all messages from Yahoo Messenger id to the Blitz movie central reservations systems.

    Tourexplora Travel Portal

    Developed a web-based solution that allows users to manage the travel itineraries via web and locate travel deals that are close to their destination attractions.


    Developed a web-based solution that acts as a business directory and classified solution for business in Indonesia. We assisted the client in analyzing the selling points of the business portal, which is a video upload feature that allows businesses to upload video of their product.

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